I was surprised by how nervous I was to share my last post on Facebook. It’s hard to attribute it to a concrete reason – perhaps it was a fear of appearing ignorant or judgmental or simply coming off as pretentious.

And maybe there were people who felt that way, but they remained silent. But it didn’t matter; my words and thoughts had been received with more positive responses and sentiments than I could have expected. People from close friends to people I hadn’t talked to in a decade had responded, and I received many personal messages regarding how much they enjoyed it. But beyond the responses and praise, the fact that my words had reached so many people, and echoed with so many others’ own experiences and feelings, left me with a feeling of…warmth, for lack of a better descriptor.

I had timidly shared my private musings into the public forum, and was left rewarded with a full and happy heart. ❤️


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